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About Us

Some say kin, others say “family” or “relatives.”

Call them what you will, we’re bonded by vape.


Who We’re & How Kinvs Came to be…

Kinvs, short for Kindred Vapes and pronounced “Kinvers” was born from the passions of its founders for high quality vaping. The vivid flavours for stimulating taste, the perfect throat hit with absolute balance. Coupled with a satisfyingly robust, handheld that has a sense of belonging in the palm. Kinvs Crystal Bar embodies years of development to create the supreme disposable vape.

We’re excited about our latest and greatest Disposable Vapes.
A 500mAh pre-charged battery powers the Kinvs Crystal Bar Disposable Vape, giving you about 600 puffs. The e-liquid is pre-filled and the battery is ready charged, so all you have to do is draw to enjoy the vivid flavours. Each Kinvs Disposable Vape that contains nicotine, will satisfy your cravings while giving you decent throat hits with every inhale.

These new disposables have a mesh coil mechanism that is specially made for the Crystal Bar, enhancing the flavour of the vape. Smart compact design, small enough to carry in your pocket or handbag, they are also ideal for vaping while on the go.


Dedicated to Quality

Quality is very important to Kinvs. Our dedication to developing the highest standard of disposable vape means we take our range of flavours through the rigorous testing of the MHRA. Our certification can be checked online: by searching for our brand name.